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Frequently Asked Questions
BeeOrder is an on-demand food delivery platform that connects costumers with her favorite’s outlets (restaurants and markets). The food is delivered to you wherever you are as long as you are within our delivery range.
BeeOrder is located within the Following Syrian governorates: Damascus - Aleppo - Homs - Tartous – Latakia.
We are also working hard to expand to all Syrian governorates, and you will be notified as soon as BeeOrder service is available in any new area through our social media platforms. You can check the availability of BeeOrder services within your location by opening our app and following these steps:
Profile > my addresses > add new address > clicking next button > if you are in served radiance you can continue with adding address details and if you are not, we will let you know immediately.
Each outlet has a specific delivery range depending on several logistical issues related to the type of items offered, the type of packaging, and the expected time for preparing and delivering the order, in order to ensure a unique service and experience for you without any problems.
The outlets closest to you are also determined according to the address you chose in the first interface of the application.
It’s simple.
  1. Enter your address.
  2. Choose your favorite outlet to order from.
  3. Review your order and its value from the final list (Checkout) and choose your preferred payment method.
  4. In case you have active vouchers, you can add it to the order and benefit from it through out adding the discount from “add voucher” button
  5. Once you have checked all the desired information click “send order” so we can process your order, and a few minutes later a message will be sent to you confirming the order with the expected arrival time.
You can change your registered phone number by logging out of the app and to sign in with the requested phone number with a new account, bottom line you can’t change the phone number for the same account.
Our loyalty program is based on the system of earning and redeeming points when placing orders through the application (without applying discount on it) or achieving achievements.
The count of diamonds on every outlet determine how many points you will have .
Every voucher has its own criteria (expiry date, count of usage, amount, and which outlet you can apply it on) you can check them up in my vouchers list “%”, located in the Home screen top of the list to the right.
You maintain your King/Queen Bee Status as long as you have 7000 Points in your balance
Yes, your points will expire after 90 Days from the day you earn them- so make sure you use them! You can check the status of your points under points history.
From the Rewards store, Pick the reward you like and hit Redeem, Rewards either will be added to you vouchers wallet or we will contact you through SMS.
Your current tier and points are valid all across Syria where Beeorder operates. Offers and reward values may vary depending on the city you are ordering in.
You can rate your order during 48 hours period after delivering. If you are not happy with the service, you can submit your complain while rating the order, and we will look into in the nearest time.